About Us

The Kingston University Cyber Security Society was officially recognised by the Student Union in late 2018. We created it as a place to share what we have learned, to find new people and share our passion for Cyber Security and Technology in general. Everyone is welcome to our meetings and events, which we try to keep friendly to newcomers and those with little knowledge in the subject.

Our Mission

The society was founded with the aim to create a space for people to share their passion about Cyber Security, Computing, Progamming, Games, and everything else technology-related.

Our Members

We have members from varying courses, foreign countries and different backgrounds, but the one thing that connects all of them is their passion for technology.

Our Events

The events the society holds are intented to be for everyone: it doesn't matter if you know nothing about computers, or a veteran from the cyber security scene, there will always be something for you!


The Cyber Security Society Calendar available bellow has all planned events. Subscribe to it here to be up to date with new events!

Notable Members

These are the members of the society committee, and their roles

Toms Civjans


Nathan Gregory


Aaron Carson

Media Officer

Hristo Belchev

Lead Programmer

Luca Saija

Social Connections

Matthew J Shepherd


Josh Gall


How to find us


Penrhyn Rd
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2EE

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